Between work and parenting and usual life distractions, things have been fairly busy. That said, I do have plenty of things to share and thoughts to write down for my future self.

I have a number of blog posts that have been in draft for some time that I need to get around to publishing. It’s been a wild time to be involved in tech with the race forward with LLMs, and in particular seeing it from the inside of a place like Google.

A lot of the core fundamentals of security haven’t changed however, and in fact it’s even more clear how the basic boring things like access control are as pertinent as ever, even whilst we make leaps forward with initiatives like driving toward memory-safe languages.

As a teaser of some things in the back of my mind:

  • why rockstar hackers are a silly distraction
  • the underinvestment in getting the basics right in security - chasing shiny things instead
  • the journey from offensive mindset to broad organization defense thinking
  • how to write a simple ARM disassembler
  • rust for security folks 101

That collection is predomanently high-level hand-wavy things, yuck! Perhaps I’ll go wildly off topic and start sharing notes on early diesel tractors instead.