I’m a hacker from New Zealand living in New York. If you’d like to get in contact, I check twitter about once a week. Or guess my gmail address from my twitter handle.

If you are new to infosec or looking for advice and think that I may be able to help, please do reach out. I owe everything I’ve learnt to a small handful of excellent folks and wish to pay it forward as much as possible.

I like cheap cheerful lager and bourbon. Hardware and all things radio fascinate me, and I regret not spending more time tinkering. I strongly believe that a modern city is one not where everyone can afford a car, but where the wealthy and elite use public transport. This is in absolute conflict with my love of cars, my favourite of which was a filthy RB20DET powered Nissan Skyline R32 drift missile sitting with one inch of ground clearance (actually). My wife and I have two cheeky cats we rescued and don’t understand how people live in homes with only boring old humans. I’ll listen to almost any music, but will really get excited if you can share hip-hop which has serious lyrical clout with me. I love to travel, and wish to spend more time in India and explore Africa more. I would absolutely love to go to Japan.

After many frustrating experiences, this blog/site workflow consists of markdown in vim, git, jekyll, scp’d to a digitalocean droplet.

I hope you have a good day!